UGA launches online Master of Music Education degree

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Sheet music. Author: Girl flyer / photo on flickr

The University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music is pleased to announce a new online Master of Music Education degree program.

The program, geared toward providing post-graduate professional development to in-service music educators, will begin taking applicants immediately, with coursework beginning summer 2015.

"The creation of this degree represents another step toward giving educators as many options as possible," said Dale Monson, director of the Hodgson School. "Offering this online degree program reaffirms the university’s commitment to teaching, research, and service."

The Master of Music Education degree is designed to enhance both practitioner and research skills, preparing certified teachers to assume professional leadership roles in such activities as curriculum design, mentorship, and teacher research.  Informed by the latest methods and techniques, candidates participate in interactive discussions and seminars to create and share innovative teaching strategies.

Coursework for the program consists of a minimum of 33 semester hours. Prerequisites are a Bachelor’s degree in music education from an accredited institution, and completion of the degree leads to Georgia Teacher Certification in music at the T-5 level.

“Offering an online degree will open the doors of opportunity to those otherwise unable to complete their post-graduate studies,” said Monson. “We’re proud to continue UGA’s strong tradition of producing superior educators for future generations.”

More information about the degree, the application process and financial aid is available at the UGA Online Learning website.

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Click here for degree requirements, matriculation plan, scheduling, and deadlines

Like the popular SEAT (Summer Educational Advancement for Teachers) program, the online MMEd degree was specifically designed for employed teachers, giving them the flexibility to continue their education while still remaining active in their careers.

The online program parallels SEAT in both content and scheduling. Like SEAT, the online MMEd program takes four semesters, each beginning in the summer and concluding the following summer. Because both programs are designed for the working teacher, the bulk of courses are held during the summer months, with lighter loads in the spring and fall semesters.

The online program differs from the SEAT program in one important way: whereas SEAT participants are required to attend six weeks on campus, those pursuing the online MMEd are not required to physically attend classes (though they are certainly welcome to do so). As such, the online degree program is especially appealing to distance-learners who are too far away to regularly visit the UGA Campus.

In total, the MMEd degree may be attained from the Hodgson School in one of three ways: via traditional enrollment, the SEAT program, or the new online program.