Additional information: Online MMEd

Thank you for your interest in the University of Georgia and the Master of Music Education (MMEd) Online Program.  Although some of the following information may be contained in other sources you have read, we hope this summary of the program will answer any further questions you may have.

At UGA, the Master of Music Education (MMEd) is designed to enhance both practitioner and research skills, preparing certified teachers to assume professional leadership roles in such activities as curriculum design, school administration, mentorship, and teacher research.  Completion of the degree leads to Georgia Teacher Certification in music at the T-5 level.

The MMEd offered by the Hodgson School is available to teachers under three formats. The degree may be earned on campus during the academic year, through the SEAT (Summer Educational Advancement for Teachers) Program, or through the UGA Online MMEd Program.  Both the SEAT and the Online formats are specifically designed for employed teachers, giving them the flexibility to continue their education while still remaining active in their careers.

The MMEd Online Program parallels the SEAT program in both content and scheduling.

The online program differs from the SEAT program in one important way: whereas SEAT participants are required to attend six weeks on campus each summer, those pursuing the online MMEd are not required to physically attend classes (though they are certainly welcome to do so). As such, the online degree program is especially appealing to distance-learners who are too far away to regularly visit the UGA Campus.

Like SEAT, the Online Program can usually be completed in four semesters--beginning in the summer and concluding the following summer. Because both programs are designed for the working teacher, the bulk of courses are offered during the summer months, with lighter loads in the spring and fall semesters. The degree requires a minimum of 33 hours with the following distribution.

Degree Requirements

Major Area of Concentration

I.          Major Area of Concentration                                                                         12 hours

Trends and Issues in Music Education MUSI 6010 3 hours
Music Curriculum and Supervision MUSI 7330 3 hours
Applied Project in Music Education  EMUS 7650 3 hours
Music Education Elective EMUS 6000 3 hours


II.        Other Studies in Music                                                                                   12 hours

            Selected courses in Music Theory, Music History,

            Instrumental or Choral Literature and Performance Practice,

            Special Interest Courses


III.       Research                                                                                                        3 hours (choose one)

Research in Music Education MUSI 7030 3 hours
Methods of Research in Education ERSH 6200

3 hours


IV.       Professional Education                                                                                6 hours

Elective dealing with psychology of learning 3 hours 
Elective dealing teaching/learning topic of choice  3 hours 


The required 33 hours are offered according to the following four-semester matriculation plan. Alternative plans may be substituted as needed with the approval of an advisor.



Matriculation Plan

First Summer Session                                                                                           11 hours TOTAL

Musi 6010, Trends and Issues in Music Education 3 hours
Musi 7330, Music Curriculum and Supervision   3 hours
Musi 6290, Music History Survey 3 hours
Musi 7340 or 7350, Literature/Performance Practice 2 hours


Fall Session                                                                                                            6 hours TOTAL


Emus 6000, Special Problems in Music Education  
(Research in topic of choice) 3 hours
Professional Education Elective  3 hours


Spring Session                                                                                                      6 hours TOTAL

Emus 7650, Applied Project in Music Education  
(Action Research in topic of choice) 3 hours
Professional Education Elective   3 hours


Second Summer Session                                                                                    10 hours TOTAL


Musi 7030, Research in Music Education 3 hours
Musi 7340 or 7350, Literature/Performance Practice 2 hours
Musi 6150, Elements of Music Theory 3 hours
Emus 8990, Seminar in Music Education  2 hours


Scheduling and Deadlines


The 2015 Summer Online Program is June 4 – July 16.  The deadline of application is May 1.

The General Requirements for admission are as follows.

  • Completed application for admission to the University of Georgia Graduate.
  • Completed School of Music Application for Graduate Programs
  • Official copies of transcripts from all colleges attended
  • Scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE – General Test only) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT).
  • Three letters of recommendation

For application instructions and forms, visit our “Prospective Students” section.

Should you decide to apply to UGA, please contact Susan LeCroy (shlecroy@ when you receive your acceptance letter. At that time, you will be assigned an advisor and Ms. LeCroy will clear you to register online for the first semester of courses, as listed above. If you have need of a program variation, please contact me or your assigned advisor.

Again, thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you. Should you have need of additional information, please email: