Undergraduate Music Admissions Overview

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Step 1: Choose music program

Bachelor of Music in:

Bachelor of Arts in Music


Step 2: Check audition requirements

Step 3: Apply to the University of Georgia

[Current UGA students skip to Step 4.]

You cannot attend the Hugh Hodgson School of Music as a music major or minor unless you are ultimately accepted by the University of Georgia.

During the course of the UGA application process, you will be issued a nine-digit UGA ID Number (sometimes referred to as an "81x"). This number is required to complete the School of Music application.

Step 4: Apply to the Hugh Hodgson School of Music

Do not wait until UGA makes a decision on your application to apply to the School of Music. If you wait until March, you will have missed our January-February scholarship auditions and studio spaces might be filled. Go ahead and apply as soon as you finish your UGA application.

Step 5: Await audition time to be sent

Audition date and time confirmation will arrive through the Acceptd portal.


Please email Music Admissions if you have any questions.