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Choir Placement Hearings for Fall 2021:

Hearings will take place from August 18-20 during the class day.  Sign-up sheets will be posted on the Choral Suite Doors by Monday, August 16th.  Hearings will involve vocalization to extremes of your range, and a few brief diagnostic musicianship exercises, including sight-singing. You do not need to prepare anything for your hearing.

Who must do a hearing?

  • ALL MUSIC-MAJORS/MINORS in choir must do a placement hearing, including first-year students who have already properly enrolled in one of the Glee Clubs.  Music-majors and minors must enroll in your assigned choral ensemble each semester to make progress toward your degree.
  • Additionally – ANY STUDENT (music-major, or not) who is interested in being considered for placement in Hodgson Singers, Repertory Singers, and/or Choral Project should do a placement hearing

Who does NOT need to do a hearing?

  • NON MUSIC-MAJORS enrolled or interested in a Glee Club, University Chorus, or AACE do NOT need to do a placement hearing.  These will take place at the first rehearsal.


Questions?  Contact Dr. Bara ( or Dr. Burnett (


African-American Choral Ensemble

From its rich beginnings in the early 70’s as the Pamoja Singers, the University of Georgia African American Choral Ensemble (AACE) has endeavored to keep concert halls and churches filled with the powerful sounds and wealth of indigenous musical treasures birthed from the African American experience. 

Hodgson Singers

The Hodgson Singers is UGA’s premiere choral ensemble made up of many of the university’s most talented and dedicated singers.

Men's Glee Club

UGA’s oldest musical organization, the Men’s Glee Club is home to first and second-year music majors/minors and to students from throughout the university in all years of study.

Women's Glee Club

The UGA Women’s Glee Club is one of UGA’s largest and most noteworthy choral ensembles.

University Chorus

The University Chorus is UGA’s largest mixed choral ensemble and is open to university students as well as faculty, staff, and Athens community members.

Choral Project

Today, many companies rehearse on a “project” model, where singers from all over the country are engaged for singular projects, travel to a city, rehearse intensely for a few days before the concert, perform, and then scatter again. The UGA Choral Project seeks provide our students a near-professional experience during their study at UGA. Sin

Repertory Singers

The Repertory Singers is a mixed chamber choir designed to offer laboratory rehearsal and performance experience for graduate-student conductors and upper-level music education students. The ensemble is designed to appeal to students (music-majors and non-music-majors) who wish to be part of an ongoing conducting masterclass environment as well as those wanting to build knowledge and skill in the areas of sight-reading, conducting gesture, rehearsal techniques, and choral repertoire.

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