UGA Piano Symposium


The 2020 Piano Symposium will be happening on Saturday, January 25 in Edge Recital Hall at the Hugh Hodgson School of Music. This event is free and open to the public! 


For a downloadable schedule, click HERE.


The day’s schedule is as follows:

2020 UGA Piano Pedagogy Symposium Schedule


9:30-10:00 AM          Registration

                                    3rd floor lobby, outside Edge Recital Hall


10:00-10:45 AM        Session 1

                                    Practical Interpretation: What Your Teacher Never Taught You

                                    Deborah Rambo Sinn


How does one teach interpretation to one’s students? Is it just a matter of personality, emotions, or charisma? Or, are there concrete concepts one can teach students that will lead them to making good choices well into the future? Practical Interpretation offers an overview of the mechanics of interpretation, offering teachers skills for tackling musical problems in the score and for offering sensible solutions for communicating ideas to their students.


10:50-11:10 AM        Session 2

                                    Mini-Recital: Elementary and Intermediate-Level Student Concertos

                                    Pre-college and UGA student performers


11:15-12:00 PM         Session 3

                                    The Secret Lives of Phrases

                                    Deborah Rambo Sinn


Building lyricism begins by deconstructing phrases. Learn to find—and teach— the magic beneath the slurred lines. Discover when to suspect composers of “foul play” and learn to fight what your eyes may be telling you! 


12:00-1:30 PM           LUNCH             

                                    Feel free to join us at the UGA Student Dining Hall, a 5-minute walk away


1:30-2:00 PM             Session 4

                                    Mini-Recital: Refreshing Student Repertoire for 2, 4, and 6 Hands

                                    UGA student performers


2:00-3:15 PM             Session 5

                                    Master Class with Pre-College Students

                                    Deborah Rambo Sinn


3:15-3:45 PM             Session 6      

                                    Q+A with Dr. Rambo Sinn




Pianist and pedagogue Dr. Deborah Rambo Sinn, NCTM, will be presenting two sessions, leading a Q+A, and giving a master class to pre-college students. Dr. Sinn holds a doctorate in music from Indiana University and is the author of Playing Beyond the Notes: A Pianist’s Guide to Musical Interpretation, published by Oxford University Press (2013).


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